The Los Angeles Tribune | EDITORIAL ON JUNE 24, 2022

How would you describe your leadership style?

I lead with absolute certainty of our mission, and no one will ever see, hear, or feel any doubt from me. You might say I am decisive. Leadership comes with tremendous responsibility, and as someone in highly visible roles, I choose to lead from the front, taking on any initiative within the company, big or small, while applying the concept of gracious accountability. As I’ve matured and scaled businesses, I’ve incorporated much of my psychology background to take an empathetic, patient, present, and transparent, yet strong, predictable, determined, and optimistic approach with team members. People will evolve and grow at their own pace, and my role is to find out what inspires them, what they are great at, and how to apply their skillset to best meet the needs of the business. Ensuring the right people are on the bus, and performing the right tasks at the right time is pivotal to success in any business endeavor.

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